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Why it would not be a bad idea if Boehly appoints Didier Drogba to become Chelsea’s trainer.



There is a lot of work that is needed to be done by the new owner, Todd Boehly in the Chelsea football club, to enhance and aggrandize Chelsea’s squad to astounding glories come next season.

However, overhauling Chelsea’s board, and the squad is inevitable regarding the completion of the change of Chelsea’s ownership by Todd Boehly. Because some of Chelsea’s boards, might not be compatible with working with the new owner.

Some players have expressed their desires to exit the Stamford Bridge in search of game times. While some Chelsea players are leaving, because of the failure of renewing the contracts of these players by Chelsea’s board.

However, Chelsea football club’s new owner, Todd Boehly, should consider enacting Chelsea’s ex-talisman, Didier Drogba as Chelsea’s trainer.


The passion and love which Drogba has for Chelsea football club will give rise to a positive and successful improvement of Chelsea’s players:

Everyone would surely not doubt the certainty that Chelsea football club’s squad exhibited an appalling and puny performance in Chelsea’s frontline position, regarding the absence of a consistent goal-scoring-striker and a consistent playmaker. Chelsea football club’s squad has got quality players that are lethal in the terms of attacking. Appointing Drogba as Chelsea’s trainer will rejuvenate and transform Chelsea’s attackers into consistent goal-creators and getters. Because Drogba’s passion for Chelsea will prompt him (Drogba) to strive his best to produce the best forwards for Chelsea’s squad through training

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