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Thiago Silva Overall Stats At Chelsea For 2020/21 And 2021/22 Seasons



Thiago Silva is a Brazilian player who was born on 22nd of September 1984. He is currently 37 years old still strong producing exemplary performance at the Stamford Bridge.

Generally Silva has made 46 appearances in the Premier League and managed to score 5 goals. One may argue that he has score number of goals. Remember that he is a defender and for him his work is to clear and block shots from opponents.


In total he has 19 clean sheets and conceded 36 goals in the two seasons. Tackles he made are 40 with 68% success. This shows that he is experienced in defense. The total number of passes he has ever made is 3744 and passes per match is 81.39.


Thiago Silva has been successful in passing long balls totaling to 237. Every player need to have good discipline in order to produce excellent performance. As for Silva he only has 5 yellow cards with one red card.

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