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Reason why Tuchel should avoid the mistake of switching over to Man Utd amid Chelsea’s sale saga.



With the pressure of Chelsea football club’s sale saga and change of ownership, aggrandizing much anxiety on the future of Chelsea’s boss and players, there is every possibility that Chelsea football club’s boss, Thomas Tuchel might be pushed to accept an offer from other clubs at the end of the campaign.

But I strongly believe that the German tactician should desist from making a switch over to Chelsea’s rival, Manchester United football club, who have been reported, to have registered interest in the signing of the Chelsea’s head coach.


Tuchel’s move to Manchester United might cause his good works and successes at Chelsea football club, to be definitely expunged, from the hearts of Chelsea’s fans: It is true that football is a game, but the passion that flows from the view and category of football, is very deep. We’ve seen many fans react in both positive and negative way when it comes to football. Hence I strongly believe that Chelsea football club’s head coach should avoid any slight chance of a switch to Manchester United football club, courtesy of the fact that, Chelsea is experiencing a dilemma at the moment, regarding to its (Chelsea’s) change of ownership. Because if he (Tuchel) makes a switch to Manchester United, Chelsea’s fans might tout him (Tuchel) as a betrayal and might hate him for life. Thereby forgetting his successes with the Chelsea’s squad, prior to the rift rivalry between Chelsea football club and Manchester United football club.

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