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Chelsea transfer patience proves Todd Boehly four-word promise right to undermine criticism



Chelsea fans have been burnt by poor summer purchases before, why they do clamour for haste again

Todd Boehly hopes to oversee a successful transfer window for Chelsea this summer.
Todd Boehly hopes to oversee a successful transfer window for Chelsea this summer.
We are only three days into the summer transfer window, and the lunatics have already taken over the asylum. Well, haven’t they always been in charge?

The asylum I am referring to is social media, a madhouse at the sanest of times is already filled with Chelsea-related accounts berating the club for not announcing signings.

Darwin Nunez is about to sign for Liverpool for nearly £100m – the same Liverpool who we’re told do not spend anything with Jurgen Klopp. Long-held Chelsea target Aurelien Tchouameni is a Galactico, and even Daniel Levy is getting in on the act to prolong the honeymoon with Antonio.

Chelsea are already behind their rivals. Why aren’t they moving? Do the club want to fail? Why aren’t they giving Thomas Tuchel what he wants? No ambition, no urgency! This is why we cannot compete with Manchester City and Liverpool, the Blues are finished.

I mean, it is not like the club has just been through an unprecedented three months, one where they not only dealt with the seismic change of ownership but also within the reality of sanctions placed on Roman Abramovich that tied both hands behind the club’s back on any transfer dealings.

It is not like the new ownership group led by Todd Boehly are under a month into this new regime, and maybe signing X player might not be the only thing on their plate. The over 1,000 employees whose futures have been uncertain for over three months, the club’s structure moving forward, season ticket renewals, sponsorships, new kits etc.

The outrage from those who obsess over any mild report on transfer rumour ironically shows little understanding of how these deals actually come about. Maybe it’s plain ignorance, maybe it is desperation, or maybe it is inspired by a generation who have grown up playing FIFA Career Mode, where tapping three to four buttons solves any squad problem you have.

Informal meetings, agents offering their clients, verbal offers, enquiries – just because the yellow ticker hasn’t come up on Sky Sports News or some account hasn’t screamed “Here We Go”, that does not equal no activity and Todd is lazily munching on popcorn whilst he watches the latest Top Gun.

The 2020 deal for Kai Havertz was over a year in the making, one that took much groundwork from enquiries to meetings to detailed structuring of the eventual transfer that Chelsea fans online obsessed over. Any knowledge of the club’s interest in the eventual Champions League winner only emerged in April of 2020, four months before it became official.

What about Chelsea’s track record with transfers? Not good, right? If you’ve been highly critical of Chelsea’s recruitment recently, why would you want them to barrel in and sign flashy sounding name from a trendy club for a record-breaking fee? Wouldn’t that risk repeating the persistent failings we have all become bored of?

Boehly himself noted the clear ambition in his opening statement. In four words, it was clear what mattered most, “acquiring the best talent”, surely the best is what we are all after, and that takes time and care.

Or do some people just want transfers for transfer’s sake? To some, football is no longer about what your club means to you, its history, tradition, its value in the local community, or your family roots in it. It is purely about signing the player who’s good because you got him in your latest Ultimate Team pack and his FBRef overview looks very green. Transfers are the actual end goal of any football club, not actual football played on an actual football pitch.

We are allowed to be interested and excited about signings. Good ones, make a major difference to our club and allow us to be infused with excitement over the upcoming season and what it could mean.

Don’t be shamed for debating and breaking down potential signings, but throwing your toys out of the pram literally three days into the window looks immature and not logical

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