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Chelsea Takeover almost Done: Raine sources confirmed talks were “highly productive and no alternative



Boehly-Clearlake takeover of Chelsea is now very close to completion. Raine sources tell me Wednesday talks were “highly productive and no alternative options are being explored.”Sources within Boehly-Clearlake say they’ve remained “calm” and are confident they will own

The handling of Abramovich’s 1.6bn in loans has provided some late drama. Boehly-Clearlake bid initially presumed a debt-free purchase. If funds covering debt are frozen by the government then 1.6bn will remain in limbo for now. That will be enough to complete a sale by May 31

This plan doesn’t fully resolve the debt (the original hope). But it does suspend it and allow a sale to go through. It will be interesting to see what happens if/when sanctions against Abramovich are lifted.

Boehly-Clearlake, like Broughton, were never prepared to engage (or pay) Camberley. The main reason is because they couldn’t do any due diligence and be sure who the money would go to.

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