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BREAKING: Chelsea sponsor Three withdraw sponsorship requested the removal of its logo from shirts



BREAKING: Chelsea sponsor ‘Three’ have suspended their sponsorship of the club and requested the removal of its logo from shirts and from around Stamford Bridge until further notice.
The news that the UK government is sanctioning Roman Abramovich is having huge ripple effects across football and the world, starting with tonight’s game against Norwich.

Telecommunications firm Three, who have been sponsoring Chelsea’s shirts since 2020, have asked the club to remove their branding from their kits immediately, while they consider the future of their £40m a year deal.

A spokesperson said that they would “temporarily suspend our sponsorship of the club, including the removal of our brand from shirts and around the stadium.

This is likely to be the first of many withdrawals in a similar vein as sponsors try to extricate themselves from a PR nightmare. However, as the most visible sign of sponsorship at the club, it is by far the most significant.

The fact that it’s only suspended is interesting – clearly they’re hoping Abramovich can be replaced as cleanly as possible without too much legal wrangling on their end. It’s quite incredible how messy this has all become in the last few days, and this is just the start.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Josiah Titus Othman

    March 11, 2022 at 8:52 pm

    Fuck three, they’re all British people, the British government are sheeps in wolves clothing, pretenders. Just not not happy as things are not going well with Manchester United, now they want to deduct 9 points in order for Manchester United to qualify into top 4, jealousy.

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