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10 Main Reasons Behind Choosing Sanchez as Chelsea’s Leading Goalkeeper Over Kepa



As Mauricio Pochettino contemplates who will be his first-choice goalkeeper at Chelsea, he faces a challenging decision after the acquisition of Robert Sánchez from Brighton for a considerable sum of £25 million.

The departure of Edouard Mendy this summer has left a void that both Kepa Arrizabalaga and Robert Sánchez are eager to fill. However, here are three compelling reasons why Pochettino should consider making Robert Sánchez the primary custodian of Chelsea’s goal over Kepa Arrizabalaga.

  1. Consistent Performance: One of the primary reasons why Pochettino should consider making Sanchez the first-choice goalkeeper over Kepa at Chelsea is his consistent performance. Sanchez has shown remarkable reliability and stability between the posts, making crucial saves and demonstrating his ability to handle pressure during key moments of the game.
  2. Commanding Presence: Sanchez’s presence in the penalty area is commanding, instilling confidence in the Chelsea defense. His communication skills and leadership qualities contribute to better organization at the back, leading to a more cohesive and disciplined defensive line.
  3. Shot Stopping Abilities: Sanchez possesses exceptional shot-stopping abilities, showcasing quick reflexes and agility, which have often proven vital in denying opponents’ scoring opportunities. His ability to react swiftly to shots and make challenging saves sets him apart as a top-class goalkeeper.
  4. Distribution Skills: A modern goalkeeper’s role extends beyond shot-stopping, and Sanchez excels in distributing the ball efficiently from the back. His accurate long passes and distribution to the outfield players enable Chelsea to launch counter-attacks swiftly and maintain possession effectively.
  5. Experience and Maturity: Sanchez’s experience and maturity on the field bring a sense of calmness to the team. As a seasoned goalkeeper, he can handle high-pressure situations with composure, thus reducing the chances of making costly errors under stress.
  6. Consistency in Training: Consistency is a crucial aspect of any player’s performance, and Sanchez has demonstrated unwavering commitment and dedication in training. His strong work ethic and focus on improving his skills make him a reliable choice for the starting lineup.
  7. Improved Confidence: If Pochettino names Sanchez as the first-choice goalkeeper, it will likely boost the player’s confidence and motivation, knowing he has the manager’s trust. This enhanced self-belief could translate into even more exceptional performances and further solidify his position as a key player for Chelsea.
  8. Future Investment: At a younger age compared to Kepa, Sanchez represents a valuable long-term investment for Chelsea. Making him the first-choice goalkeeper would not only benefit the team now but also secure a talented and promising talent for the future.
  9. Consistency in Team Selection: Having a settled starting lineup, including Sanchez as the primary goalkeeper, fosters team stability and chemistry. Consistent team selection allows players to develop better understanding and communication on the field, leading to improved performances collectively.
  10. Inclusive Team Spirit: Making Sanchez the first-choice goalkeeper would also send a positive message to the entire squad about meritocracy and the importance of consistent performances. It promotes healthy competition among players and a sense of unity within the team.

In conclusion, considering Sanchez as the first-choice goalkeeper over Kepa at Chelsea offers numerous benefits. His consistent performance, commanding presence, shot-stopping abilities, distribution skills, experience, and maturity make him a compelling choice for Pochettino to lead the team’s defensive line. The move not only strengthens Chelsea’s defense but also bolsters team spirit and sets the groundwork for future success.

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